Initiative 42 Reflection

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As I sit and reflect on the election that took place on November 3rd and began to digest the fact that Initiative 42 didn’t pass I was filled with mixed emotions I was very pleased with the outcome not because I’m very conservative and it was a victory for my party of choice more-so for the fact that I’ve had to sit through meetings and listen to conversation on the topic from people who have their own agenda and honestly in my personal opinion could care less about the well being of the children of our current generation. It saddens and fickle me that even in 2015 some people are still don’t inform themselves before stepping behind the curtain and doing their civic duty and casting a vote. Initiative 42 at its best was simply a power grab by democrats and they used the sympathy card which is fully funding …show more content…
But its also bothers me when I began to tell people that look just like me that we should have to wait on the legislature to help better our schools we should do it