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Although it may seem obvious to a reader that one of the birlings were to blame, however something else could have had an effect on the death,when you look at it from the outside which is the society. In1912 the class system portrayed thought the Birling Family this was because of how high their hierarchy was in society, meaning they were in control because they were wealthy. As they were so high up Mr Birling was very sure of him self such as 'community and all that nonsense' this quote shows that he isn't interested in anybody else or the community as he can be very selfish throughout the play, also by saying the word 'nonsense' it is suggesting that he doesn't believe in anything people say or their actions because he only focuses on his family and him self showing he's not responsible for anyone else. Society did have an effect because the lower class, which was Eva Smith, got treated unfairly and differently to the middle and higher classes. Eva got looked down on and was frowned upon, for example 'girl of that class' this was said by Mrs Birling. Through out the play, Mr and Mrs Birling never seem to understand what is going on, and they think their actions haven't had an effect on Eva smith, this is why the Inspector was there he was trying to make them realise what they had done wrong other wise they would just have to keep living their life over and over again until they take some responsiblity towards others. I believe this is needed as they think they are much