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Facilities of online booking

If the pound scar hire has an online booking facility then it would be better for the customers and this is because it would increase the amount of people that the business is reaching to, for example more people will easily be able to see and read about the pound car hire online and this will raise awareness. More people will find it easy to do online booking than going to the actual shop to hire cars. online booking will save peoples time and they also could pay by their debit card straight away and no need to worry about when to pick their car up as it will already be ready for them and the business will send them a message on their email saying when to pick the car up. So they also have email facility to contact the customers through the internet. This is really useful because now days people uses online social networking a lot and checks their email regularly. if the customers had to go to the shop and then book the car ten it would’ve take them a lot of time as there would be a lot of people waiting and queuing up for their booking to compete, so there for online booking is easier and simple to do from home internet or phone, you can book it from anywhere as long as you have internet connection. The time the customers and employees will save would also be useful as they could use the time to do their other enhance for the business.

Sales and marketing director then won’t have to worry a lot about the customers not being happy about waiting in the queue as if everyone can book it online there won’t be people standing in the queue. Some people may not have an internet for example the elderly and may come to the shop, but there would be less than normal as now days everyone has an internet in their house.

If you make a booking and then