The Pros And Cons Of Internet Addiction

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Dictionary meaning is worldwide computer network that allows communication and data transfer between people connected to it.( Oxford Dictionary of English 2e, Oxford University Press, 2003)1
Year internet users
2016 3,424,971,237
2015 3,185,996,155
2014 2,956,385,569
2013 2,728,428,107
2012 2,494,736,248
2011 2,231,957,359
2010 2,023,202,974
The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link billions of devices worldwide. Internet, this is different in structure to communicate a common language of computers by enabling the different programs will see the same information on the screen, even when the people and evaluate. The most basic function of the Internet, communication
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In these individuals, such a as substance abuse treatment dugs may need to be a serious disorder. ( 2007 - 2016 NKFU)5
In Turkey, Internet usage has increased and they became more irresponsible excessive sense against the children of the family. When I go on the Internet less than half-an-hour raises the ratio of 12 per cent. 28 percent slice is when the Internet 1 hours time. spend their time 3 hours 53 percent.
And 11 percent of families time to spend on the Internet more than three hours.
At least 51 percent of the Internet once. Most entered the Internet hours 15.00-18.00.
Parents and their most commonly used media type mobile phone. You are watching television and telephony. Children use the Internet and that most cell phone and watching tv.
Families most blocked the use of the ' Turkish ' of the Internet properly argues the opinion.
Another complaint of the families is the use of the internet increases, the reduction of time spent with the parents of the children, marginalisation and face to face communication from the family environment. It also required daily work, which is why the domestic conflict and loss of time have caused