The Importance Of Internet On The Internet

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Internet can destroy the person depending in his age. How many children use the Internet in a wrong way and his parents busy with other things. Moreover, adults should watch the children while surviving the Internet. In my view, Internet is a big sea if you sink in it maybe you will not survive. In addition, the human realize what is writing or wrong for him when he gets 18 years old, so the minimum age to watch the Internet is 18 years old. First of all, adult person who has 18 years old can rely with him/her self, so he can do every thing by him self. If he/she needs any things, he/she will ask about it, and he/she won’t be a shy while he/she is asking about something. Also, often the person who has 18 years old has a college or university, so he/she supposes to use the Internet in many ways to find his/her homework. Furthermore, the requires to know how to use the computer and how to search for you questions in the Internet, if someone works in company, he/she must know how to work on it. The person who is 18 years old is a free person. He/she can do what ever he/she wants. Furthermore, if he/she wants to go to somewhere, he/she won’t tell someone about where does she/he want to go. Also, if the boy wants to change his style, he will do it, and he won’t ask someone about his/her view. The person who doesn’t have any works can go everywhere, and he can find the Internet in many place. In instance, if this person goes to the gym to work out, he can find the room that has many computers. This person who is a free has a logic and responsible. Meanwhile, if he has any problems, he can handle it and solve it in logic because he has an open mind. The Computer, an important thing in the world, has dangerous for people who are under 18 years old. For example,