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Life before the Internet Vs Life after the Internet

In the United States, 74% of American adults use the Internet. 94% of students in the US are using the Internet. People today may believe the internet makes people smarter by having more access to information. It may be hard for the generations today to imagine life without the internet. The kids today, have grown up using the internet. The internet has made life much easier for things such as communicating, job searching, homework or even shopping online. Since we can do things at the click of a button, people probably shop and talk more on computers than than they do physically, and this will continue.
Life before the internet was a world with a lack of information in technology because it was not within the reach of everyone. There was no such thing as Google or Yahoo. Meaning researching was done with the help of books. Kids in school access to information was either an encyclopedia or the library. Also, there was no way to track a package that was being delivered to you from UPS or FedEx. So you had no way of knowing when your package was coming you just had to simply wait and be patient.
On the other hand, now that there is Google and Yahoo and other search engine websites, it is a lot easier to look up information. With the internet being invented, people probably do not own books such as a dictionary, thesaurus or an encyclopedia because you can just find the information in those books on the internet. For students that enjoy going to the library, they have access to books and the internet versus students without the internet, only access in the library was books and news papers. When it comes to waiting on a package, people can simply go online and check the status of their delivery, instead of wondering and not knowing when their package will come.
Communication is one of the biggest things people lacked before there was internet. That is said because to communicate with family and friends who lived far away, you had to hand-write letters and mail them through the post office. So if you did not talk to them on the phone you did not hear from them right away because mail is not a fast way to get in touch. When you had something you wanted to sell, you ran an ad in the newspaper and hoped someone in the area would be interested because there was no eBay or Craigslist.
Social networks are now how most people get in contact with one another. With social network you have the opportunity to connect with family and friends that you have lost touch with. Another form of communication via internet is emailing. Emailing today is like sending letters through the mail before there was internet. With there being eBay and Craiglist, more people would be interested in buying something a person wants to sell. That is because not only people in the persons area can see that you are selling something, but also people in other states and other countries. Families that planned vacations had to actually go and talk