Essay about Interview (Aging)

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A Man Cooler than Ice
Akanksha Sharma and Rose K Chua
AGNG 200
Dr. Jeffrey Ash
Nov 26th, 2014
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

I have always admired the senior citizens who are wondering how they have passed such long journeys of their lives. They not only have accomplished achievements, but also have done memorable works that deserve admiration, respect, and priority in today’s society. These old people may look incompetent and unexciting in somebody’s eyes and thoughts, but not everyone realizes that they are the people with greatest knowledge and experiences beyond their masters of life. From my own experience, whenever I see an old mister or mistress looking for help or in need of help, I can never ignore him or
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Evans looks back at his life with a lot of integrity. He is really proud of all his accomplishments. He thinks that he couldn’t have lived a better life. There was not even a hint of despair in his voice. He went onto to tell us about his great life spent around all his friends and family. He is fully satisfied with how he has lived his life and still continues to live everyday with a lot of positivity. We were very happy to learn that his family and friends make him feel so good about his life. We got a clue that because he has such a good, understanding, and loving family he feels and looks at his life in such a positive way. His case is completely opposite from some of the examples we read in the text. Before the interview, we never thought that we would receive such different answers from Mr. Evans. If we could describe Mr. Evans in a few words, it would be that he is a family man. I haven’t seen many elderly folks talk about their family with such enthusiasm. His face lit up and he had a twinkle in his eyes when he started to talk about his family. He takes a lot of pride in raising his two daughters. He has been raising his daughters from the age his younger daughter was only 6 months old. He married his second wife because he needed a life partner to spend the rest of his life with. He got married to his second wife when he was 32 years old. He told us that him and his wife never have an argument. They have been married for 40 years but