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Marketing of Medical/ Pharmaceutical Products
Jessica Edwards
Grand Canyon University

Marketing Medical/Pharmaceutical Products The medical/pharmaceutical industry is making massive profits off selling and advertising various products such as anti-aging, medical supplies and various other drugs for illnesses. In 2010 Americans spent 10 billion dollars on cosmetic surgery and 85% was non- surgical procedures like Botox and fillers. (Drake, 2015) Each company claims that there drug or product is obsolete in comparison to other distributors. It’s up to the consumer to decide which drug is better for them based on cost, side effects and overall results. Included in this paper is the opinion of a healthcare worker, spiritual leader and neighbor in relation to their opinion of marketing of medical and pharmaceutical products. Each person had a different outlook on the effects that the pharmaceutical company had on individuals however in some ways they were alike. The ER nurse stated that promoting anti-aging products was unethical because it gives false hope to people. They promote the illusion of changing wrinkled skin to skin that resembles smooth babies’ skin. As if the pharmaceutical company had a “magic potion.” (Drake, 2015) The neighbor felt as though the pharmaceutical companies target women and that she doesn’t trust the effectiveness of a product because different products work particularly better for different people... Also the neighbor spoke about that she would consider trying these products if her doctor recommended and spoke very highly of them.( Oltean,2015) The spiritual leader interviewed which is a pastor stated that pharmaceutical companies are promoting outward beauty. They are prospering on youthfulness and having thin figures. Although some may work it still represents a false sense of beauty and healthiness. In other words beauty truly comes from within. Changing your outward appearance doesn’t affect ones mental, physical or psychological health. As stated by the spiritual leader “Pharmaceutical companies overpower GOD’s purpose and plan to get our attention...” They fail to mention that a lot of flaws in our physical appearance is due to our own lifestyle choices meaning not living a spiritual life according to GOD’s commandments. What defines beauty? Genesis 1:27 states that GOD created man in his own image. So is what GOD created not beautiful? Of course it is. Society has created this stigma of what beauty should be like. These images are of supermodel quality and even their photos have to be photo chopped. Society is obsessed with maintain youthful appearance but aging is beautiful and if more advertisers would use models who are older , with wrinkles and grey hair looking beautiful, we can begin to change how society looks down upon aging. Once people start having cosmetic surgeries and having augmentation, it’s never enough. People end up spending so much money trying to achieve perfection when perfection exists in the eyes of the beholder. Individuals have to accept their distinctive traits and characteristics as beauty and not what media portrays it to be. Coming from a spiritual leader’s perspective, the pastor stated that by treating our bodies as vessels of GOD we can slow the aging process. Herbal supplements have become increasingly popular in the medical industries today. Also during the interview