Essay on Senior Citizen Interview

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Interview a senior citizen
Tonya Williams
March 25, 2013
Tanya Semcesen

A face to face interview was held with Mr. C. Mr. C. is an 82 year old African American male. Physically looking at interviewee he does not look that age at all he looks like he is in his early sixties.
Part I: Questions & Answers
Q-How old are you?
A-I am 82 years old.
Q-When will you be 83?
A-I will be 83 in mid-July
Q-Are you married?
A-I am a widow and have been for almost 53 years.
Q-Do you have children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren?
A-Yes I do. I had three children, eight grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren.
Q-Do you live alone?
A-No I do not, my youngest son lives with me.
Q-Tell me a little about your
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A different demeanor hovers over the interviewee when he shows me family pictures and speaks about his family. I sense it brings him back to his more youthful days, days where he was the ruler of full independence.
I asked Mr. C. did he belong to any senior citizens centers and his reply was no and he further elaborated for me. He wanted to be around younger people not people his age that constantly reminded him of what reality was indeed about but to feel vivacious for if only a moment when youth was on his side. He stated that is why he loved for his daughter to bring her youngest grandchild over. He loved the sound of the baby especially when he heard it cry it reminded him of youthfulness and independence. Aging is inevitable; becoming wiser with age is not. Researchers, theorists, and clinicians have noted that older adults approach their lives in one of two ways: Either they draw on their strengths and live life to the fullest, or they magnify their weaknesses and restrict their lives to succumb to life's inevitable end (Gilbin, 2011).
From listening to stories about when Mr. C. was much younger and able to take full control of his independence that making the transition from young adult and middle adult to the latter being late adulthood was the hardest to come to terms with and except fully. Hot cocoa was made for me and coffee was made for him by none other but Mr. C. I offered but that was not an option he insisted upon doing so. He maneuvered