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Interview Advice

Please dress smartly to your interview. First impressions count and you are expected to attend an interview in a suit, even if it is for a Car Mechanic job!
Trouser or skirt suits are acceptable, with a plain shirt and polished shoes. You need to look the part!

Always arrive at least 10minutes early to an interview. You want to show that you are punctual and reliable.

Be confident and smile and when you shake the hand of your interviewer, make sure it is a firm handshake – not bone crushing, just firm and assertive.

Keep eye contact throughout the interview, show your feelings through facial expressions.

Always try to use relevant examples for questions asked. If possible, use an example from your previous work history, if not, then from your past/present (as long as it is relevant)

Prepare a few questions that you would like to ask the interviewer. See following sheet for examples. It shows that you have prepared for your interview and that you are keen to find out more about them.

Research the company. Most of the larger companies are on the internet. Try and find out the following:
Company history – how they started etc
What have the company achieved
What are the company aims / targets
What do the company actually do?!!!!!!
What is the company’s mission statement

At the end of your interview thank the interviewer for their time, firm handshake and enquire as to when you will find out whether or not you have been successful. Show enthusiasm for the position:
E.g. Thank you very much for taking the time to see me today, I am very interested in the position, when do you think that I will find out whether or not I have been successful?
Interview Example Questions

What are your strengths?
(Organisation, reliability, punctuality, determination to get a job done, accuracy, time-management, computer literacy, loyalty, communication skills (verbal, written – face-face, phone competency, IT skills etc)
Choose skills that are relevant to you and always give an example e.g. communication skills – I am able to communicate with people of all age groups, from any background etc, and can adapt to the individual in order to get a message across or understand their needs. In my last job…….

What are your weaknesses?
(IT skills, specific skills for specific roles, confidence, phone manner, communication etc)
Decide on what areas you would like to improve on or something you would like to learn. Always try and turn the question into a strength though e.g. although I wouldn’t consider it to be a weakness, I do feel that I could improve on my IT skills, especially excel. I have used my IT skills through my working and educational history however is always room for improvement. I am very keen to learn as you can see by my grades/extra courses taken etc.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
(I would like to think that I will be working for this company, and having proved my ability for the role, progressed to another position in due course if and when the opportunity arises.)
Even if it is something that you are considering, DO NOT say that you want to be an accountant/hairdresser etc for a fabulous company somewhere else! Make sure you convince them that you are applying for the position for a long-term career within their company in particular.

What qualities can you bring to this position?
(I use my initiative to get a job done efficiently and also to integrate into a team environment. I am very hard working, learn quickly and apply myself fully to everything that I do. In my last job I put in extra hours to ensure that jobs were done in-time for deadlines!)
Whatever you say, back it up with an example. You have to sell yourself but make sure it is relevant for the position that you are applying for.

Why do you think that you have the relevant experience / skills for this position?
(I have excellent customer service skills and find it very rewarding to know that I have helped or made a customer happy