Interview Project for Age Development Learning Essay

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Interview Project of School Children to Determine Stages of Development
EDUC500 Class, Liberty University

As children grow and mature they pass through several stages of development. Consequently it is important that teachers understand these developmental stages in order to be an effective teacher. This paper will analyze answers from five open ended questions asked of five children of varying ages to clarify changes in development at various ages. According to Robert E. Slavin “as children improve their cognitive skills, they are also developing self-concepts, ways of interacting with others, and attitudes toward the world” (Slavin, 2012). The five questions used for the interview
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Whether it was a coaching position or some other position indicates that he has an advanced grasp of occupations. The third child interviewed was a 3rd grade male name Aiden. Aiden knew that school was important because it was a place where to learn. Aiden is at the stage where friends start to become an important part of his life. Slavin states that “During the elementary school years, friends are companions with whom to have fun and do things” (Slavin, 2012, p. 66). Aiden’s answer to question number 3 that it was important to have friends because it was important to have someone to play with validates Slavin’s idea. He also has a strong sense of right and wrong when it comes to cheating and inter-action with bullies. In his answer he indicated that it was important to stand up to them in order to stop them. Aiden’s belief of right and wrong seems to correlate directly with Piaget’s Theory of Moral Development. Aiden is at the stage of “heteronomous morality” that is he believes “violations of rules are believed to bring automatic punishment; people who are bad will eventually punished” (Slavin, 2012, p. 58). In his eyes, standing up to a bully was a correct and proper way to discipline the transgressor. If that failed, he indicated you needed to look to a higher authority figure such as a teacher. Additionally, Aiden shows attributes of Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Reasoning concerning bullies. Stage 4: “Law and Order