Healthcare Leader Interview

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Interview of a Health Care Leader
The health care leader to interview was chosen because of expertise knowledge, patience, honesty, integrity, strong leadership skills, and is a health educator. The healthcare leader was born in the city and raised to farm life with her grandparents and enjoyed helping her grandfather with the animals on the farm. She knew as a teen she wanted to be a nurse. If she could help animals feel safe and secure, she believed she could do the same with people. The healthcare leader is hard working and never asks anything from anyone she is not willing to assist with or do herself. She has energy and is a goal achiever. Individuals who know or work with the leader know her determination. She has a vision and
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They expect leaders to lead by example. Additionally, they expect leaders to keep them informed and to care for them. Leaders may have to ask others to make extraordinary sacrifices to achieve goals. Leaders may have to call on them to do tasks that seem impossible. If the leaders have trained their people to standard, inspired their willingness, and consistently looked after their interests, he or she is prepared to accomplish any goal, anytime, anywhere (academy leadership website, 2006). What is your personal philosophy of leadership? Leader: “My personal philosophy of leadership is that someone has to be in charge and accept responsibility, provide focus and direction with a group, and participate with the group, not just direct and follow. You have to support personal and professional growth, take responsibility for your decisions and share when the outcome fails. You must have credibility for people to want to follow you. Effective communication is an important attribute. Always tell the truth and assist the group with change.”
Student: Personal development is a path person’s take to improve him or herself, a family situation, career, spirituality, emotional health, and every other aspect of his or her life. Personal development is about making conscious decisions about the way one thinks and reacts to a situation (self-help quest website, 2009).