Into The Wild Short Story

Words: 486
Pages: 2

On cold, wet winter days the forest seemed to become even more daunting to enter. The trees were bare and the ground was all covered in leaves as if hiding any trace of anyone who entered.
Their lived a family of five in a house near the forest. The three children that lived in it were named Jake, Robert, and Jessica. You see the three triplets caused a lot of trouble. When they were old enough they would be able to go and play in the forest. They did not like this rule one bit. One day they decided to sneak out and go into the forest. Jake said,”If we don’t go very far in, then we won’t get lost.” As always Robert and Jessica agreed to his scheme. When night fall hit and their parents went to bed the looked at each other with a nasty grin on their face, and nodded.
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They continued to sneak out for weeks. It started the same way each time, Jake persuaded them to sneak out, then they did. But one time they ran too far into the forest, and almost got lost but the reason it was so traumatizing was because they heard a rustle in the leaves around them and they heard the twigs breaking behind them, and every which way the turned they felt like they were being watched. They ran as fast as they could until they reached their house. They did not come into the woods for days they were scared of even looking at it, they couldn’t bare to think of what happened that