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There are many factors that we have to take into consideration when planning on starting a new business, “what your economical status is, what is more affordable for you, what product will I be providing, who my ideal costumer is, where am I located?, what product will I be providing?, do I have the necessary amount of money to get started?, ” ( , and a lot more questions that are going to be flying in your head before you make the decision to start a business, no one can predict wether it's going to succeed or not, there are always risks in all the decisions we make in life, but there are certain decisions we make that can help us succeed in our business. In this paper I'm going to discuss my personal opinion about opening a new business, what would I prefer and why.

I have always been around farms since I was a little kid, it's kind of like a family business, and I really want to continue with that, not only because my family is into it, but because I love the environment, so when I was assigned to do this project I started thinking about a business that would come from the production of a farm and that I would really enjoy, I came up with the idea of a coffee shop, if I have the opportunity to buy an existing businessI would go with that, it is easier to get started especially if it's the first time you are opening your own business. The town where I was raised is called Carora, and It's located in Venezuela, I think the coffee shop would be a success over there, people in Venezuela are coffee lovers, and my town really needs that kind of place, people love to get together and have a cup of coffee, women especially, and I think a coffee shop where people can just go, chill out, relax, and get a good cup of coffee is the perfect idea, not only because it's location and the town's residents, but because I would be serving the coffee that comes directly from my own farm instead of buying it from a third person, that right there can save me some money.

This will definitely be something that my family and I would enjoy a lot, I really like to be working in the farm and I want to be into the production of goods coming from my farm, and with the coffee shop I would be able to continue with this family business, I would start with having my wife run the place, hire a few employees and make some good coffee. I want to make my costumers feel as home, I want them to get to that place and see a business well organized and clean, hygiene is very important, the impact your costumers will receive of the place when they first come in, also satisfy all their needs and make some good coffee for them, this is the reason why they would be coming to my business, this is what the