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The Cajun Café
Floor plan

Sample Menu

Mission and Objectives
The mission and objective of the Cajun Café is to create a friendly and family orientated atmosphere with a true Louisiana Cajun environment. The Cajun Café should feel homey and relaxing to the consumer.
Company Overview The Cajun Café will be owned by Adam Lovett and Tyler Mayeux. Adam and Tyler first meet in business school, and decided that they wanted to start a restaurant together. The structure of the restaurant will represent their Louisiana roots. They want environment for the consumer to feel like a home away from home. The staff hired for the restaurant will give the consumer that family friendly homey environment that Adam and Tyler are really looking for.
Adam Lovett will be an owner as well as the Executive chef. Tyler Mayeux will also be an owner and the Sous-chef assisting Adam in the kitchen. Joe Hallis will run the daily operations as General Manager, along with Christine Crocker to assist in helping with these operations. Between these four individuals they have 30 years of experience in managerial positions.
Target Market
The Cajun Café will appeal to a broad base of consumers. The customer base will come from four major segments; * Local population * Technical schools and Universities * Local businesses * Tourism.
The food concept and product image will attract four customer profiles they include: * Persons of any age and sex * Students * tourist * The curious and open-minded.
The Cajun Café is targeting a demographic group of consumers to increase its customer base.
Marketing Strategy
The success of Cajun Cafe will be set on serving great food, providing friendly service, and employing an aggressive marketing plan to build customer traffic. The following will be some examples of the tactics Cajun Cafe will use to drive more sales.

Customer Database: Guest will have an opportunity to be included in a database so they can participate in our promotions, such as birthday and anniversary cards and frequent diner programs. This information will be gathered and enter into a computer system by management.
Frequent Diner Club: This program will allow the Cajun Cafe to reward guest for their continued patronage. This program will be flexible to allow a creative reward structure chosen by upper management and should allow the restaurant to adapt to changing market trends.
Mailer Campaign: The Cajun Cafe will further take advantage of our customer database by implementing a consistent direct mail strategy. This strategy will include promotions, such as birthday cards sent to guest the day before their birthday with coupons for a free dessert with an entree, and informing them of any catering promotions.
Four Walls Marketing: In house marketing will be heavily promoted at the Cajun Cafe. Management will constantly find different methods of promoting the restaurant to the guest. Staff will be trained extensively to up-sell to its guest.

Public Relations: Possible publicity opportunities that the general manager will be entrusted with include; the promotion of charitable events, press releases, and columnist reviews. Solutions to advance the restaurants public image will include hiring a public relations consultant or firm that will be deemed necessary by the general manager.

Media Market: The general manager will also be in charge of placing ads in local newspapers, magazines, hotel guides, and student publications along with promoting the restaurant through local television and radio broadcasting.
A well trained staff will increase the average check as well as enhancing the customer’s experience. Word-of-mouth referrals will be very important to continuing to build an extensive customer base.
Design and development The Cajun Café is an innovative concept that targets a growing market. Owners Adam Lovett and Tyler Mayeux, assume that the