Intro to Business Essay

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1. In your own words, describe how information reduces risk when you make a personal or work-related decision.

In your life, you are making decisions all the time. Some of these decisions you take on your own and others you made after consulting internal and external forces. When you make a decision, you need to find some backgrounds information about the issue in question because if you made a decision without information is a gamble.

2. What are information rules? How do they simplify the process of making decisions?

The information rules are the great simplifiers for all decision makers. It is the marketing research to show that discount influences. Information rules help the manager to make decisions correctly based on the
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It is a simple method to recruit employees according the employees’ skills.

8. Explain the differences between the internet and an intranet. What types of information does each of these networks provide?

The internet is a worldwide network of computers linked through telecommunications. It has numerous sites which are visible for everybody who has a computer, a modem, and an Internet service provider. The intranet is a smaller version of the internet for use within a firm. It is using for employees to find information quickly about their firm. Intranet has internal information about the firm and Internet has whatever information that you are looking for which is provide by numerous websites.

9. What is the difference between a wide-area network (WAN) and a local-area network (LAN)?
The wide-area network connects computer around the world and Local-area network connects computer that are close proximity to each other and is more used for offices and college campus.

10. What factors should be considered when a firm is developing a Web page?

What the website says about the company is important and should be developed carefully to portray the right image. Because that information is presented on a website to customers.

11. What are the four major factors contained in the definition of e-business?
Perception of relative advantage
Organizational size/resource capacity
Supply chain influence