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The Business Environment

Intro to Business

28 July 2012

Business is what the economy revolves around. Without business there is no taxes being paid which eliminates government and we would have absolute chaos. Business, even in our bad economic health, is the sole reason why this country even has what it does. If more businesses succeed, more people succeed, meaning our country will succeed. I am pretty sure it would be hard to find someone to disagree with the fact that anything involving business affects our country. Global warming is affecting our crops which affect what businesses can sell and at what price. Employment rate and wage affect what business and products people can afford to purchase. Everything always comes full circle with business in the center of it all. Non-profit businesses also have a huge impact on this country’s economic standing as well. In fact, I truly believe without non-profit organizations this country would be worse off than it already has become. Non-profit consists of mainly volunteers who truly have it in their hearts to help others in need or less fortunate than they are. No monetary gain is goal for what they do and most of the funds that keep non-profit organizations successful are donated from people all around the world. Profitable business, although may have helping others as one of their top priorities, have their own financial gain in mind. They may provide a service that simplifies lives of the people, but at a cost that results in positive revenue for the company. Smart businesses combine the two. Doing work with non-profit organizations gets in good favor with communities and offers the business an opportunity to get publicity for their name and product. Hopefully, when the two succeed at working together, it raises the opportunity for more employment by the business and therefore lowering our unemployment rate and getting our government more taxes which it obviously sorely needs. Fiscal and monetary policy seems to be the talk mainly around election time. Every politician offers lower or less taxes and every citizen never falls for it. Our country seems to be leveling out a bit when it comes to having more job opportunities but taxes will never go away and I only see them going up. No policy or law is going to make everyone happy or financially stable. Policies put in place are never permanent. The biggest impact our government did while doing bailouts was helping the rich stay richer. Sure, the main story line of a huge company getting a bailout was that thousands of people are being able to keep their job or pay their bills, but in reality they are going on retreats on the government’s dime. The one thing I like about the monetary policy in place is actually the Fed. The fact that it is made of people appointed by different presidents gives it an even playing field. My hope and dream is that this country does finally get on track. It is sad to think that it is going to get worse when my daughter is my age. Most parents only want the best for their children and part of that relies on how the government decides to run this country. I do really wish I had more say in what our government does, besides voting of course. If I were a head of a company that sold a quality product and service to the world, I would hope to have more of an influence on things. One product I would love to streamline is cellular devices since I already am very educated in it. I have worked for the same cellular company for seven years now and have a pretty good idea how I would like to take it from just producing to this country to outside markets as well. Getting the network out there is the first thing I would do. Selling devices in a country we don’t have service in would be a drastic mistake. Then I would start getting a few locations set up, mainly in the area we had the best network surrounding. No matter what people sell they have to