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The Target Market
The target market for F.A shop products is costumers between the age 16~25 people who have the highest demand of high quality clothes especially the teenagers. Nowadays, Viet Nam has many brand names which are producing products for adult people but seems like it doesn’t match the need of young people who want to create, shape and show their styles, their fashion souls. Further more, not every one knows what they should wear, which clothes, outfits should go with which situations for example clothes, outfits to go to school, to hang out or night parties. We strongly believe that many people is confusing with it or they are using the same style, same outfit for many different purposes and situations. F.A shop will help them about that and more over F.A shop will help the costumer who is single to find the another missing piece of heart.

The Costumer Trends
- People tend to shopping online nowadays for convenience.
- Continuous change in demographics, tastes and fashions.
- Dwindling appeal of the major mall.
- Shop has great effectiveness than mall, plaza or department store.
- The unisex style is developing.
- Transforming of formal outfits.
- Costumers prefer the shop which produces many types of products.
- Costumers want a high quality product with the same or similar design with the famous brand name product not the product of that brand name.

The Industry
Positive Factors:

Negative Factors:

Situation Analysis:
The marketing environment for F.A shop represents overwhelming opportunities because in Viet Nam nowadays, the marketing for fashion is still developing and not be concerned in the proper way. Everything are just photo shoots on magazines and trailers on TV program, it’s not effective to make a good impact of visual effect in order to push the costumers to buy the products or at least make them think that they should do. The information bellow will illustrate the SWOT analysis of the shop in order to highlight F.A Shop’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
- F.A shop understands the market and products, good personal services, building good fame, brand name, visual affection and good relationship with costumers.
- F.A shop focus in high quality clothing with young and hot styles all over the world in the range of age 16~25.
- F.A shop products have lower cost but still warrant the quality. F.A shop has many policies to promote the purchasing power.

- F.A shop not only sell products but also building the strong relationship with costumers via events, personal services such as helping costumer to shape their style and know the latest tastes all over the world
- Generally, 2 big events in year is Shopping seasons with great sale-off. Beside that, F.A shop will make events throughout the year such as Couple Maker, Selfie Contest, Be A Designer events etc.
- Large population and young costumers to exploit.

- F.A shop is the new small fish in the lake which is full of big fishes.
- Limited cashflow, limited turn-over and short-life inventory.
- F,A shop doesn’t have the massive big size like XXXL.
- 50% products are imported

- F.A shop must be fresh with new styles depend on Fashion propensity, costumers and months.
- Many strong competitors including domestic and global brand names.
- Hard to go global.

Nowadays, customers’ life become more busy. They just focus on working to earn more and more money so that they can satisfy many tangible needs in the life about house, food, travel,….However, they forget that love is also essential to their life. Therefore, La Moda’s mission is to link people together. Particularly, La Moda wants to inspire people to get emotional levels from friendship to love.
During the next three years, La Moda seeks to achieve the following financial and nonfinancial goals:
Financial objectives:
Objective #1:
Sell 10,480,000,000 of