Inventory and Billing System Essay examples

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BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY At the present time, information technology has conveyed an immense impact in the lives of many people. As time passes by, the use of technology rapidly increased as well as it helps the trends to evolve fast. Many businesses, offices, schools and companies are using technology to make their work easier and less capable of errors. Information technologies which relate to computer applications that enable companies, businesses, school and offices to generate, store, program , and retrieve data as when it is needed. Businesses around the globe have to take the aid of information technology in some way or other to keep them in sync with the market and the world. The information technology role for us,
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- Provide essential inventory and billing management.
- Help the company to access easily the number of products that is needed for reporting and restocking information.
- Cut the time the assigned staffs need to spend on handling routine operations.
- Keep track the records for security purposes

To the staffs
This study will significantly endeavor in promoting good work environment in the workplace and employees. This study will be beneficial to the staff of the company to help them on how to manage their inventory and billing reliably. And also to lessen the time spent in manually consolidating data and decrease the workload of the staff.
To the organization
Moreover, this study will be helpful to the organization because it involves inventory planning and the maintenance of the records and continuous record taking.
Through this study, it will help the organization to handle their inventory and billing. In addition, the study will also give accurate information of data in order to provide a more precise and reliable reports for inventory and billing.
To the students Moreover, this study will also serve this study as a guide for the future researches for the students who are in the same field as the researchers.
To the proponents It will challenge the ability of the proponents in creating a well-organized system that will gather data, process and produce significant output for