Essay on Investment: Learning and Future

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My future means the world to me. I am a person who grow up in the Department of Child and Family Services. My education is the only thing I really have control over. My whole life I did not have control of what happened to me or where I wanted to be. I have invested my whole life into my education. I have wanted to better myself for the longest time. I need a college education, I need a degree where I can move forward and become what I want.

As a student, to invest in my future, my investment in education is important. Focusing in school and getting good grades as well as developing in other learning fields is an investment to my future. Education is a tool towards ensuring a better future for me, as well as others because the skills and knowledge learned will be useful throughout one’s lifetime. I also invest in myself by being willing to learn more and keep on learning. I also invest in my future by having the right role models and learning from them. I can also invest in my future by being conscious of the importance of time and time management. Time management is vital for any investment. Time is precious and the actions done in a 24 hr. time frame can affect a lot in the future. It means I engage myself in appropriate activities that are important to a secured and invested future at the appropriate time period. For example, to invest in my future, I must not use up all my time to watch television or being on social networks when I can use the same free time to study.