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Global Studies : Industrial Revolution
The Industrial revolution was a time when people changed from using old technology to new technology. There are many positives and negatives to the Industrial revolution. There were also many new inventions that benefitted people. There were inventions that were beneficial to the people. This is why the Industrial Revolution was very importantit helped influence and shape the rest of history.
There were many positive effects of the Industrial Revolution on european society. the Industrial Revolution caused many changes to occur, such as producing goods with machines in factories instead of at home by hand. Many new inventions were created such as the power loom, spinnng jenny and the water frame which all help to improve textile industry. Spinners and weavers hand their wages increased , cotton trade tripled and muslim cloth was able to be produced. The steam engine played a major role in the Industrial Revolution. The steam engine helped to boost englands economy by roviding more jobs and creating canals trailway according to duet 3. The Industrial Revolution was a very positvie event in the history of england. It helped england improve its economy and governmet in order to become a major power in the world. Urbanization also occured in england causing people to move to the cities and take jobs in factories. This helped to provide factory owner with the people needed to run the machine in the factory.
Throughout the industrial Revolution some inventions had a negative influence on people. The living codition was horrible for the people. They had no development plans, sanitation or building codes They lacked proper housing, education and protection.they had no drains and their garbage was piled up in the streets. The workers lived in dirty shelters with one entire family crowded in one bedroom. Then came the spread of diseases which cause the life span of people to decrease. The wealthy people were the complete opposite of the working class instead of living in shelters they lived in luxury homes had more space and better jobs and rights. The working condition were also terrible. The working conditions were dangerous, unsafe and unsanitary. The worker had the carry large and heavy equipment. Also their working area was unsanitary. Children strted to work at the age of 6. Also women and children were used