Essay on Iraq: Iraq and Iraq Prime Minister

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Jordan Harris
Dr. Alagan
World Geography
5 April, 2014
Iraq has one of the most problems in the world today, but I do believe that they will eventually be a top country in a couple of centuries. Iraq is currently located on the western side of Asia. It partly touches the Zogros mountain range, Syrian and Arabian Desert. The capital is Baghdad which is about 875 square miles. It’s by far the largest city in Iraq, but second biggest in Asia. The population in the city alone is around 7,216,040. Iraq is boarded by numerous amount of countries such as; Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. There are so many surrounding countries, because Iraq is in the Middle-East and is 169,234 square miles big. Iraq is also mainly a desert country, which holds 30,399,572 people in its country. Iraq has six ethnic groups which are Arabs, Assyrians, Circassia’s, Armenians, and Chechens. Eighty percent of its population is full of Arabs. Arabs usually has blue eyes, red hair, sometimes brown skinned and dark skinned. The other twenty percent ruled Iraq were the Kurds, and was mostly Sunni Muslim. Then there's the Assyrians, Circassia’s, Armenians and Chechens is mixed up into the population of Iraq. The Assyrians of the ancient Mesopotamia people generally speak the language of Aramaic. In Iraq they have a difficult government which is the federal government. It's an Islamic, democratic, and parliamentary republic type if county. They have a very demanding president, Mr. Jalal Talabani. President Talabani started to get involved around age 14 and soon to be elected at age 18 for the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Who had a law degree from Baghdad University in 1959. Then, there’s Iraq Prime Minister Mr. Nouri al-Maliki. He has been the prime minister since 2006, and the Secretary General of the Islamic Dawa Party. Finally, The Speaker of Council of Representatives who is Mr. Usama al-Nujayfi, has his degree in electrical engineering and was involved in building a power plant in Iraq. Iraqs religion is Islamic and they didn't do too much to take power in the violent acts the have been involved in. About 95 percent of Iraqis are Muslim and Islamic which is the countries most recognized religion. There had been plenty of times in early history where schism over the rightful success or to the Prophet Muhammad. Very opposite I the United States Iraq only had around three percent of Christians in their country. Previously, there has been a threatening bomb that was exploded in the Christian area in Baghdad, Iraq. The Sunni Muslims approved to take over the Prophet's companions, only if they elect a person that is responsible and can be capable of that particular job. Iraq currently unranked in the 2014, because of the lack of information on their freedom with Iraq. The economy in Iraq took a very long time to recover from the hostilities that started in 2003, but moving up has been very tough, and the country still has to put up with the political and security challenges. Iraq recieved an overall score of 15.6 in 2002 Index. With their economic growth highly volatile, Iraq’s ongoing economic reconstruction, though facilitated by the oil sector and foreign economic aid, has been fragile. Political…