Is America Doing Enough To Prevent Illegal Immigration? Essay

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Andrew is a citizen of America. But, because his Dad got cancer when he was in High School he could not go to College because they did not have enough money. There was a well-paying job at a local Supermarket, and he would make enough money to sustain his sick father. But, he had competition. Pablo had a high school edition too, but he knew how to speak Spanish and English. And he seemed more motivated to take the job then Andrew. If only the manager or Andrew knew Pablo was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, Andrew would have gotten the job, and would have been able to collect salary to help his sick Father. Along with illegal immigrants taking jobs citizens should have, they make the U.S. more dangerous and you have to pay for their health, living and food. Illegal immigrants do more harm then good, for safety and future of America they must not be allowed to cross the border. The U.S. must do more to prevent illegal immigration.
Illegal immigrants commit dangerous crimes here in the U.S., and instead of catching them at the border; we have to catch them after they have committed a felony. In fact, some border control officials have been bribed or part of a Mexican cartel to sneak drugs and immigrants in the U.S. Once the immigrants’ get inside the U.S., it is like a disease, they have kids, they are hard to export, and hey cause harm to the inside. According to the Center Of Immigration Studies, 22% of felonies in the U.S. are committed by illegal immigrants (Camarota, Steven). That’s a 1/5 chance your store could be robbed by an illegal immigrant. Why have the risk? Why be punished later for allowing these people in our country? Then we have the people who get caught months, or years later. According to the Center of Immigration Studies, 17% of people arrested in the Tucson sector have criminal records in the U.S. (Camarota, Steven). If there are that many criminals roaming around the U.S., there is a security issue! And not to mention, the Center for Immigration Studies analysis says 11% of the prisoners in Arizona are illegal immigrants (Camarota, Steven). What if these immigrants take a bigger step? It is possible that they could set of bombs, why shouldn’t they? We are going to have a national security issue if this is not stopped now! Not only do they endanger the citizens of the U.S., but they also create competition for job offers. Illegal Immigrants come to this country sometimes to escape the horrific fighting in Mexico, or because they want a job here. These people have no more then a high school degree and have less experience then high school dropout in America. Mostly because the public schools are better here, and they are more familiar with what needs need to be met to improve a company in America. According to the Center of Immigration Studies, 12% of workers in Arizona are illegal immigrants (Camarota, Steven). That’s 200,000 jobs that illegal immigrants have taken from citizens could have worked. This mostly affects high school dropouts because they now have competition for job offers. NPR says, “With a drop in illegal immigrant population, high school dropouts would