Is The Cabinet Government Back?

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Is the Cabinet government back?

The cabinet is drawn entirely from members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and almost entirely from the former. Members of the cabinet are answerable to Parliament, and must be available to answer questions in Parliament, but Parliament can only dismiss them collectively.
The Cabinet meets on a regular basis, usually weekly, notionally to discuss the great issues of government policy, and to take decisions to which they are bound by "collective responsibility". In practice, and especially in the recent Blair Government, Cabinet discussions have tended to be cursory and major decisions have tended to be taken by sub-committees, including the so-called "kitchen cabinet", outside of Cabinet. Some of the members of such sub-committees are appointed by the Prime Minister and are unelected and unaccountable to Parliament.
Most recently, the Tory-Liberal Democrat cabinet, can be argued to be strong and united on policy making, this can be said to be because of the Liberal Democrats forfeit of ideology and beliefs as a means of obtaining power and influence on decision making. Whether the Liberal Democrats have significant power at all is another question all together. Their pro-EU stance in the past has somewhat disintegrated, which is suggest by David Cameron’s recent veto in European Union. Cabinet government will always exist in structural terms, the influence or how effective Cabinet government is depends on that so