Isaac Newton Research Paper

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Reason for choosing Isaac Newton:
The universe is a highly complex system; it is one that can be very hard to explain and understand. That being said, Isaac Newton, a widely recognized scientist, has made several discoveries about the world by using his understanding of that such as mathematics, optics, theology, and astronomy as a guide to help him along the way. Newton spent most of his life studying, planning, and developing projects to behold the mysteries of the world around him. His accomplishments include those such as developing three laws of motion that eventually lead to explaining the elemental forces of the universe. I chose Isaac Newton because he was a goal oriented, self-motivated, and educated man that worked hard to achieve
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Newton’s intelligence and sheer desire to learn, even as a child, intrigued me, showing the start of his drive and desire to learn new things. Newton was a strong willed man, one with his own thoughts and beliefs; he was dedicated to educating himself about the complexity of the world around him. Newton possessed attributes that I believe to be interesting and it was a pleasure to learn more about him.
Early Life:
Newton was born on Christmas day, 1642, in east central England, Woolsthorpe. Born prematurely, Newton was a weak baby, and unexpected to survive; his mother, Hannah Ayscough, said there was not enough of him to fill even a quart pot. He surprised many by surviving, although the first few months of his life were challenging. Not only were the circumstances of Newton’s birth a taxing experience for Ayscough, sadly, Newton’s father, also named Isaac Newton, died in October, just a few months prior to his
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Smith was a wealthy, 63 year old man whose wife had died the previous June; under these circumstances, he had no desire to bring Newton to live at the residence. As part of the marriage arrangements, Ayscough agreed to marry Smith if he gave a piece of land to Newton, and remodeled the Woolsthorpe manor, which he did. After the wedding, Newton was placed in the care of his maternal grandmother, Margery Ayscough; his mother left and went to live in Smith’s house in North Witham. After his mother left, Newton become isolated and lonely. His grandparents, with whom he was left, did not share a close relationship with the boy. His early years of being separated from his mother, fatherless before he was even born, and left in the care of grandparents that were emotionally detached from him left him offended and emotionally scarred. Smith lived for eight years after marrying Newton’s mother. During her marriage to Smith, Ayscough gave birth to three children. After Smith’s death, Ayscough and her new children returned to Isaac, in Woolsthorpe. Later in life, Isaac kept notebooks that reveal the anger he felt towards his mother and stepfather. Boerst (2004) states in his book that one entry mentions, “Threatening my father and mother Smith to burne them and the house over them” and “Wishing death and hoping it to some” (p.16). Though Newton had