Essay on Isaac Newton: The Genius

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During the Scientific Revolution, there were many great scientists who came to be. One of them was named Isaac Newton. Though he may have had a rough start in his career when his first two theories were brutally attacked by fellow scientists, Newton soon became one of the most successful scientists of his time. He made amazing discoveries and theories such as the Laws of Motion and the existence of gravity. Though at first many opposed him, Sir Isaac Newton became one of the most well known mathematicians and physicists ever.
One of Newton’s accomplishments was the discovery of gravity. Many people believe that the cause of his discovery of gravity occurred when he observed an apple falling from a tree. From this, the second Law of Motion came to be: acceleration is produced when a force acts on mass. In the apple scenario, gravity is the force acting upon the apple, causing it to fall. From his discovery of gravity, Newton concluded later on that the moon was similar to the apple, continuously falling towards the Earth.
Another of Newton’s achievements was his experiments involving the color spectrum. After realizing that Hooke’s theory was wrong(that color was made of lightness and darkness mixed together), Newton set up an experiment. He placed a prism by his window, which projected a large, colorful rainbow on the far wall. To prove that the prism was not responsible for coloring the light, Newton refracted the light back together. Amazed, scientists commended Newton, and his reputation increased.
In addition, Newton developed the Scientific Method, which helped to shape science in general. Before