Islamic Faith Essay

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Islamic faith
Is it difficult or impossible to match the beliefs of two religions? Muslims and Christians have such a difficult time getting along with each other. Christians refuse to take time out to learn and explore the Muslims beliefs. Instead they pass immediate judgment and rule out the other religion as wrong or evil. Christians commonly misinterpret Muslims by thinking all Muslims are raised to be violent, worship a different god, and do not believe in Jesus Christ.
Due to the pervious terrorist attacks on the United States of America all Muslims are apprehended as people of violence. Christians believe all Muslims are raised to be killing machines. Disha Maher, a Muslim from Alexandria, Egypt, states “I am a Muslim and proud. I do not kill. Nor did my father teach be to kill. I am a Muslim who practices love and peace.” Disha goes on saying that he doesn’t wish to ever be violent even thought when he come to America he is looked upon as a threat.
He says that the Muslims who attacked America were following “Cause of Allah”. Cause of Allah is to kill everyone who does not follow Islamic beliefs so the others will start to follow. Disha says that most Muslims do not follow Cause of Allah anymore, but there are a few who do. “Cause of Allah is activated when called upon by a Muslim leader,” Disha states, “and when told by a leader, you must do what is told immediately.” He then says “Most of the time the leader did not hear the commands from Allah but they are self-proclaimed demands issued out in Allah’s name.”
“Some Christians believe that Muslims worship a different God than us,” Christian woman, Esther Dunn says. Christians are a costume to hearing the word God that when the title Allah is brought up they assume that the title is of a different being. Allah is just a different title for the “all seeing God” who is mentioned in the Holy Bible. Allah is just an Arabic translation of the title God.
There are Christians who believe that Muslims worship Muhammad. In reality Muhammad is a prophet of Allah. Muhammad teaches the word of Allah to the Muslims and gives them better understand. Muhammad to Muslims is similar to