It's A Wonderful Life

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Sam Stack
Coach Allen
TH 131-01
11 December 2014
It’s a Wonderful Life Overall, I have to say that the play was fantastic. I haven’t seen the movie in years, so this really brought back some memories. First of all, I have to say that the directing was excellent. The play was very satisfying to experience. My praise goes out to all involved with the production. The scenes appeared to flow smoothly, although it was funny if someone was still setting down a prop when the lights came on, but it the audience was lighthearted about it. The lighting made it easier to follow what was going on, such as changing from area to area during the same scene. The design of the set and construction of pieces, made it easier for the crew to move equipment for different scenes, which helped the flow of the play. The music was great, but sometimes when music played while an actor was talking, I wouldn’t be able to hear them that well. This could have also been a problem with the microphone, just like when Clarence would talk, but his voice would be heard from the microphone for a second, then he would have to project his voice once it cut off. There were actually quite a few mishaps with microphones, but I don’t think anyone minded, since most of the audience had probably seen the movie already. Along with that, sometimes actors would talk, but I could only hear mumbling from the back of the audience. Other times, the actors spoke too fast, so it was hard to catch exactly what they were saying. This could be a microphone malfunction, or maybe the actor wasn’t speaking loud enough. It could have also just been me and not being able to hear well when I need to. The actors, especially the one that played George Bailey, did an excellent job portraying their characters. I also liked how the actors reacted to mistakes, such as the table falling over when George comes home after losing the $8,000. Following this, I have to agree with the man who talked to Coach Allen during intermission. The actor who portrayed George Bailey must have really studied and prepared for his part. He even nailed the stutter parts of the script. I wasn’t expecting to see actual children in a play. Most of the plays I’ve seen had older actors trying to act like a young child, but it just didn’t work out. These young actors did a great job, were very