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Honors English 10 – Compare and Contrast Essay : Outline
Monday, September 23, 2013
Public VS. Home/Online Schooling:
Classes, Instruction & Cost, and Experiences.

There have been many opinions regarding online and public schooling. Hundreds of questions have risen with this topic including, “Is the child learning his/her best?” and “Are they really learning, or are they wasting their time?” Well, the children, teens and parents that have already studied using both tactics know the answers very well. Students and their parents need to be informed about which schooling technique has a more impacting effect based on some similarities and differences that set them apart. Factors include the instruction and cost, the classes they can take and when and where to study, as well as the personal experiences the students can receive. Many parents and their students worry about if certain classes are available to be able to be successful. Also, many factors including time and place for both online and public schools are different, and can be time consuming or personal schedule fitting. For a home/online schooling student, the student may complete the lessons when he or she is available. Also, the student can work anywhere as long as there is a computer, internet access, and course materials such as books, paper, and pen. For example, if a student isn’t available on Mondays due to work and extra-curricular activities, the student can complete lessons another time such as the previous or following day. The student does not necessarily need to study only at home, but can study anywhere around the country, even around the world! Home/online schooling does have an advantage when it comes to completing lessons because of a flexible schedule that can be built around the student’s needs and personal schedule. Each public school has a block schedule and has to be at school at a certain time. Block schedules are more complex than home schooling. The student will need to arrive at the school campus everyday at a specific time, as to not to be late. Each subject has a different classroom and different starting times. When changing classes one needs to walk to their next class in no more than 4 to 5 minutes. Lunch is only 30 minutes, then classes resume. At 3:00 p.m. the school rings its bell and the students may go home. The difference between home/online and public schooling is the place and time to complete their classes. Online/home school has a flexible schedule to accompany the needs of the student, while public schooling needs to be done at a specific time from beginning to end and at the school campus. What is the difference in these two schooling techniques based on the instruction quality and cost? Well, this is one good question that many parents seek in deciding which school to sign their child up for. The instruction for learning is mostly online with the company of textbooks. Teachers have live lessons to teach the child what he/she needs to know for the unit as well as portfolios, etc. Contacting teachers is not as quick, but calls and e-mails is the main way to communicate. The cost of many home/online schooling is not as much as public. Computer equipment is sometimes supplied as well as textbooks from the school. Internet costs to be able to do the online classes are mandatory. School supplies such as paper, pens, paper, etc are a cost as well. The great thing about home/online schooling does have cost, but not as much as most public schools. Instruction for public school classes are mostly understood better and questions can be asked right away. Lectures take up most of the class hour as well as class work, which is a review from the lecture. Lab fees, P.E. uniform fees, and personal items are the costs. Personal items are needed, such as a backpack, paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, and much more. A lot of teens complain about needing semi-expensive clothing. Technology items are usually in the