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Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart Summary The man that performed the play about Jackie Robinson was a very well rounded actor. He was able to use himself as many different voices, to convey a detailed message about American history and the laws about “separate but equal.” This law was shown to be strict and not fair to those of different ethnicities. The actor was able to portray a story about times during Jackie Robinson’s childhood through his career in Major League Baseball. While conveying this message, the man used audience members in order to show what was really happening to “himself” and others of different backgrounds. Throughout American history times have changed, and the ways that people have been treated is truly amazing to think about. This performance brought many of the facts that I already knew to life. While I have taken many history classes through my schooling, I did not know as much information as I should about the ways that people have been treated early in times. I have found that some individuals still think that times have hardly changed. Before attending this Jackie Robinson performance, I knew that slavery existed and that it was a very harsh punishment for the people who weren’t very wealthy and of different ethnic groups. I do remember learning about the Jim Crow Laws and that individuals of color were not allowed in any public place that was for the white citizens. I do know that even though the laws all protect the “public,” but many took this to an extent to even segregate in homes as well. This performance opened my eyes to some of the situations that a young African American had to go through to be able to live the way he does today. I do not think that individuals should still be taught to see color in the same sense that it was seen in early times. I believe that the citizens of today’s world should almost be colorblind, but still able to recognize people for who they are and not the color of their skin. In the play of Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart, I was able to observe the certain situations that were portrayed, and gain a situational knowledge of how people were treated so terribly. This performance was very helpful, in that he was able to act out what truly happened and I was able to fully understand. I believe that segregation was very harsh, and even though this is what the people thought would be best, it really wasn’t. When an individual is told that he or she cannot do something because of their skin color then he or she