Jackie Robinson Impact

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“I’m not concerned with your liking or dislike of me… all I ask is that you respect me as a human being.” – (Jackie Robinson). During the years of the 1950‘s to the present, Americans experienced a booming economy and the birth of the American culture. Furthermore, Americans experienced relative peace and compliancy, but ended with a spirit of revolution and the sense of a new age dawning. Americans also faced unfortunately, a fear of communism began to take over and led eventually to the investigation and trials by Senator Joseph. An important person living during this era was Jackie Robinson because he had changed the game of baseball forever. Jackie’s legacy has been remembered by all. Furthermore, an event that had a major impact at the …show more content…
In this time period a person that was part of change was Jackie Robinson. He had played a huge role in the game of pro baseball. Jackie Robinson was a unique person during this era as he battled through all the racism and changed the game of baseball. Since he helped with the civil rights movement he had helped change sports and help change America. An event that proved change during this era was the Atomic bomb since it had had been the most powerful atomic weapon during this era. It was not just used to end wars or used as a negotiating tool, but it had put fear into humans. This powerful bomb was a part of change whether we like it or not since it was a huge advancement in the military and the world. Atomic bomb brought good and bad to the table but also impacted the world. Finally, an event that changed America at this time was the Cold War since it was a new kind of war and fighting. The Cold War was a war about the spread of communism and the United States and other countries wanted to put a stop to communism. During the Cold War it had provided change and it had started the space race which led to even more change in America to come. This era, indeed, proved to be one of change that had changed American and the world. It had help shape who we are today and how it impacts us to this day. This era had brought change to America in many ways and led us to become a more modern and industrialized