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Japan and U.S. Controversy Essay World War II was a vicious and tragic war which lasted from 1941 to 1945. One of the main leading causes of WWII was the controversy between the U.S. and Japan. The way Japan treated China, and the way America dealt with it was a very tense situation. Roosevelt said, “The Political situation in the world, which of late has been growing progressively worse, is such as to cause grave concern and anxiety to all the peoples and nations who wish to live in peace and amity with their neighbors…” Japan virtually was going on a killing rampage slaughtering vast number of Chinese civilians because of the “pressure of surplus population”. Hashimoto Kingoro basically said that Americans were hypocrites because of the way we went about expanding land when it came to the Native Americans and the Mexicans. Kingoro doesn’t think that the way Japan is going about expanding territory is the wrong way. The US is trying to keep out of the war, but the thought is loosened once they hear that Japanese military airplanes attack the U.S. S. Panay and other ships when clearly Japan had to know because the ships flew the U.S. flag and it was also painted on the ship. The U.S. Ambassador confronted Japan Joseph Grew and finally resulted in the Japanese apologizing and paying an indemnity of about $2 million. Roosevelt said, “…nations that may be tempted to violate their agreements and the rights of others will desist from such a course.”
Japanese Diplomat Yosuke Matsuoka says Japan is expanding. The reason behind this madness is answered by Hashimoto Kingoro, he says, “…there are only three doors through which we might escape, namely emigration, advance into world markets, and expansion of territory.” He says emigration doesn’t work because of anti Japanese immigration policies of other countries. The reason advancement into world markets isn’t working is