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Reflection I am familiar with the events that I went to for quarter 1 and quarter 2. For quarter 1 I attended the Nippon culture day because, I felt that it would be a great experience for me to learn more about the Japanese culture. For this event I hope to learn more about the tradition and about what they do in Japan. For 2nd quarter I attended nengajoo. Nengajoo is like a new year’s card you give to people. I chose to attend this event because the way they celebrate new years is a bit different from what I do. While doing this event I hope to learn a more about the Japanese culture and that I would be able to do it again in the future.

I attended the Nippon culture day’s event in Quarter 1. Please notice the activities I did when we got there. At this point I know a couple of more things they do in Japan, and I learned many new things from the different culture. I find it easy to understand their culture because it’s very similar to the way I’m living now, but I’m having difficulty remembering the steps of what they do because it’s so complicated for some of the things they do like setting the flowers making the food etc. So I will research about it more and practice more so that I can do what ever they do in Japan without struggling.

For 2nd quarter I attended an event called Nengajoo. Nengajoo is where you write a meaningful message and give it to people on new years. Please notice how I tried to make one myself. I still need to work on my sentences and my stroke orders because sometimes I get confused. I completed the check list of the benchmarks and did my self assessment using the rubric and found that I did most of the things required. I still need to go to 2 more cultural events for Quarter 3 and 4 then I will be ready for my final presentation.

Upon finishing my 1