Jcs 562 Week 2

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Response Structure
Karrie Colin
January 28, 2013
George Wilson

Response Structure
Creating an emergency response plan is very important in any business. There are different plans for medical, fire, police, and school. The following plans are imperative in any environment. There are many things that will happen and Incident Command System (ICS) will help to provide the responders with an effective system that works. But before we go into the structures, an understanding of an incident command system needs to be addressed.
According to OSHA, n.d., “ICS is a standardized on-scene incident management concept designed specifically to allow responders to adopt an integrated organizational structure equal to the complexity
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Incident commanders, therefore, need to manage safety by constantly monitoring the situation and reviewing the effectiveness of the existing control measures” (Fire Service Operations p. 68). There are six steps in the initial assessment of risk: 1. evaluate the situation at the earliest opportunity, 2. Introduce and declare Tactical mode the simple expression of whether it is appropriate to proceed to work in a hazard area or not. This is a device to enable commanders of dynamic emergency incidents to demonstrate their compliance with the principles of risk assessment and be seen to have done so. 3. Select safe systems of work. The starting point for contemplation must be procedures that have been agreed in pre-planning and training and those personnel available at the incident have sufficient competence to carry out the tasks safely. 4. Assess the chosen system of work, 5. Introduce additional control measures, and 6. Re-assess systems of work and additional control measures.
The police are no different. They have a system to follow just like everyone else. According to the free