Jesus: School and Jesus Essay

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Today at school, there were people in my lunch who were picking on a kid who looked different than everyone else, and who sat alone. No one wanted to sit with him because he was weird and different than the other kids in the lunchroom. After awhile of kids picking on him and teasing him about what he looked like, someone who was also a freshman at school came over to the table the lonely boy was sitting at and joined him for lunch. This boy’s name was Jesus, he was quite tall for his age, wore brown leather sandals, and had curly brown hair that looked like it hadn’t been brushed in days. The boy who was being made fun of and picked on was known as James. James had always sat at the table alone until Jesus came around. He then seemed content, happy, and cheerful. At lunch there always seemed to be a smile on his face. Jesus was the first person who seemed to have cared about everyone in the cafeteria including the boys who picked on James. Jesus was the only person who wanted to and had the guts to stick up for James and stand up to the bullies to tell them to stop. From then on Jesus and James sat together at lunch talking about sports, school and anything else that came to mind. Eventually many other kids joined the table and ate lunch with Jesus and James. People would rush into the cafeteria to get a seat next to Jesus and James. Over time, James and Jesus became best friends throughout the next three years of high school. From then on they did everything together