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John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, commonly known as Jack Kennedy or by his initials JFK, was an American politician who served as the 35th President of the United States. His term lasted from January 1961 up until his assassination in November 1963. JFK became a legend and a man whom the United States’ citizens will remember greatly for his duties and successful advanced for his generation and the future. He out did all limitations by setting his dreams so high that anything other than success was unacceptable. Additionally, he was a man of religion, integrity, honesty, and was appealing to the younger crowd because of his age became a starter point to involving all younger generations into politics. Due to all the improvements to the U.S made during his short term, including Moon Landing, Voting Rights, and Public Debates, JFK became one of the most memorable presidents along with the founding fathers of our beloved country.
The start of JFK’s life was not a typical one. He was surrounded by wealth, but not even all the money in the world could prevent the health problems that he seemed to always encounter. Unfortunately, his earlier life included innumerable visits to the infirmary due to diseases, inflammation, and spinal injuries. The Kennedys were always worried about Jack’s health future since he always seemed to be suffering internally and physically and it tend to influence his emotional state, as well. The only way his mother could describe JFK’s childhood was being “a very sick little boy.” “The first thorough examination of President John F. Kennedy's medical records, conducted by an independent presidential historian with a medical consultant, has found that Kennedy suffered from more ailments, was in far greater pain and was taking many more medications than the public knew.”(Altman) Not many knew of JFK’s hidden pain, besides his family and closest friends, and to be honest, not many would have suspected that the youngest of all presidents would be in ach from countless health problems. On May 29 of the year 1917, Joseph and Rose brought to the world a new Kennedy unknowingly that he had the potential of becoming our future leader. JFK was the second oldest of a group of nine siblings. Additionally, his most famous siblings include Eunice Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Ted Kennedy. The Kennedys were responsible for many programs and are remembered for their actions such as one brother being U.S Attorney General (Robert Kennedy) and Ted Kennedy being one of the most influential senators in the United States. All of the Kennedys continued all the traditions of religion. “Both the paternal and maternal sides of Jack’s family had strong ties to the Irish Catholic Boston community and to the politics of the city.” (Meagher pp.1) It wasn’t long before the Kennedy’s influence on politics would enter JFK’s life.
Kennedy joined the U.S. Navy shortly after graduating from a prestige university, Harvard. He was assigned to command a patrol torpedo boat in the South Pacific. During his time in the Navy, JFK served as a lieutenant where he earned numerous badges and medals in honor of his dedication and progress towards the United States. With one of many, he earned the Purple Heart medal. Consequently, this honored medal is given to those who have been wounded during a US crisis, which in JFK’s case, he had participated in the famous World War II. “Commanding the Patrol Torpedo Craft (PT) USS PT 109, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, John Kennedy and his crew participated in the early campaigns in the Allies’ long struggle to roll back the Japanese from their conquests throughout the island chains of the Pacific Ocean.” (JFK LIBRARY) Throughout this quest, JFK’s boat was struck by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri. Consequently, the PT was destroyed and the crew, including JFK, was devoured by the dark waters in the ocean, but the actions that caught the Navy’s