Essay on Jobs You'Ve Held

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Jobs I've Held
There are many decisions to make when searching for a career. Along the journey, I have held different positions at various companies and there are various leadership styles I have come across while working under different managers.
My very first encounter with a manger was when I was doing my National Youth Service in my home country Nigeria. The National Youth Service is a compulsory one year scheme organized by my country. This one year scheme was created to avail graduates an opportunity to offer service to the government, and while doing so, also give back to the community. During my time in the N.Y.S.C scheme I worked with the Ogun State government of Nigeria as a library assistant with one of the governmental
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Today, MTN can boast of having the largest customer base in the most populated African nation which is known as Nigeria. I worked in MTN as a customer care representative, and my duties included; receiving inbound calls from customers, brand equity management, cross-selling/up-selling, promoting teamwork, and the success of the call center, monitoring call tracking for responses from administrative team so call returns are done in a timely fashion, and most importantly provision of quality customer service on every call I handled. My first supervisor/manger in this organization was female, and her leadership style can be likened to that of a bureaucratic leader. A bureaucratic leader is one who believes in leading his/ her team based on the laid down rules of the organization. He/she believes in doing things by the books which means followers have to do what the book says. My opinion about her being a bureaucratic leader can be traced back to occurrences while I worked on her team. Whenever we received bad calls reported to the team from quality assurance which was another team monitoring the quality of calls, she put a great amount of pressure on us, and kept on reminding the team of how the organization’s rules and regulations says that three (3) bad calls will lead to a demotion to a lower team which can eventually lead to one being fired. The level of pressure she put on the team