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Nowadays, effective performance feedback is playing a crucial role in any organizations. It is not only a method to improve individual and team performance, but also it enhances employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction effectively (Aguinis, Gottfredson & Joo 2012, p.106). However, many managers do not know how to deliver feedback effectively to their employees. They are unaware weaknesses- based feedback fails to improve employee performance, and frequently provided it on employees’ weaknesses (Aguinis, Gottfredson & Joo 2012, p.110). The article are written by Aguinis, Gottfredson and Joo, “Delivering effective performance feedback: The strengths- based approach”, gives nine research- based recommendations on how to deliver effective performance feedback to employee, and proved that strengths- based approach to performance feedback is superior to the weaknesses- based approach (Aguinis , Gottfredson & Joo 2012, p.105).

Aguinis, Gottfredson and Joo are recommend that manager should rely on a strengths- based feedback approach, which to identify the positive behaviour and results based on employees’ knowledge, skill or talent. Manager should choose an appropriate setting and considerate when gives employees’ feedback, so that employees are more open to the weaknesses- based feedback. In addition, manager’s feedback should be on concrete evidence. Manager demonstrates the weakness part is not only tied into private reward, but also it is important related on benefit of organization. Finally, manager provides right directions to employee and follow up with them. These recommendations are key processes on delivering effective performance feedback, which will result in important benefits for employees, managers and organization. In an example of Tony and Lisa’s Case, Tony gives affirmation on Lisa’s work, and encouragement her with $ 50 gift card at first place. Meanwhile, Tony expresses he was familiar with Lisa was doing. In this situation, Lisa would accept any suggestion from Tony, because Lisa thought her boss is friendly and approval her work very well. It gives her much motivation on doing the work better, rather than Tony directly gives Lisa negative feedback without any consideration.

This article let me remind my part- time job experience in a coffee shop last year. Nana was my colleague who worked very hard and very friendly to every customers. Everyone like her personality except for our boss Daisy. It is because Nana had a shortcoming that she was very nervous to work in front of Daisy. She always made some mistakes when Daisy is not