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It was easy to pick the prompt I wanted to go with for this journal, cause the passage really was, very interesting in so many ways. First, I really found the reading interesting. The format of the passage it self was interesting itself. The main thing that I found interesting was how it was broken down. How each paragraph was one part of his life, as well as he was able to overcome the challenges the many minorities face. Another very interesting part of the passage is how he used superman which was symbolic to his life, as him breaking through the barrier. That barrier being the social/minority barrier, which most people face.
The problems he faced for being a minority was something we see every single day. Especially considering where we live, here in El Paso we have a lot of Latino people and a lot of us don’t have the privilege to get a education. That considering how difficult life is at the moment, without a education it makes it very hard for one to be successful. But its not just cause the person doesn’t want to attend school. Most minority groups are based on what our parents want, that being if they want us to start working at a very young age and wait on going to school, that is simply what is going to happen. But in this where the superman example comes in, to show and prove the point that is it possible.
The superman example was very symbolic considering that is something that goes back to his child hood. He started reading his comic books,