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Decline in world wildlife population-“We need to act”
The term wildlife refers to the animals those are generally not domesticated and live in the great outdoors, scattered around different parts of this mighty planet, Earth. Their existence is important as they support ecosystems. Recent studies show that, Earth has lost more than half of its wild animals, in the last 40 years. The main reasons, amongst the numerous others, for the declination of this population to such a great extent, would be the impact on fresh water especially for agricultural purposes and industrialization, deforestation for urbanization and drastic changes in climate mainly due to an increase in carbon footprint.
The World Wildlife Fund, WWF, responds to this 52% drop in the wildlife population by saying,
“We need to act”. “We”, here refers to us, humans, as our wrong activities are the reason for such a destruction. Scientists and researchers suggest that, a significant rise in the human population could have a greater impact on the population of wild animals. Birds, fishes and wildlife depend on clean water as much as we humans do. Industrial and agricultural practices all over the world produce waste water that can pollute large water bodies, threatening endangered fish species and their habitat, example, the Beluga whales of Canada. Forests support biodiversity, providing habitat to wildlife. Humans also depend on these vast forests mainly for urban development and other personal needs. Thus when the rate of deforestation exceeds the rate of afforestation on a global scale, extinction of several terrestrial species is expected. Water pollution and deforestation are not the only reasons. Global warming is also considered as one of the major threats to biodiversity. The global population today, is emitting more carbon-dioxide than the nature’s absorbing capacity. These