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Name: Vili
Journal entry #1

Song Lyrics
Title: Spastic Max
Artist: Edward Scissor Tongue

This song is about a mentally ill drug addict named Max and tells the story of his transformation from his youth to the present.
Max began taking heroin from a young age and became violent and as time passed his addiction became worse. The song describes that he used to be a normal guy before he got into drugs- “He used to talk to people and people used to talk him too, that was way before the cr*ck the wh*ores the drugs the sniffing glue.” The song describes the disturbing things he used to do and the crazy missions he would put himself through whilst under the influence. Eventually he becomes nothing but a waste of life.
I felt inspired after listening to this song for a few reasons. I really felt the lyrical content emotionally because of the descriptive, abstract words used and the dark emotion it brings. It brought a lot of vivid imagery. I find that the words either rhyme or the words used sound similar so they flow after each line. There is substance to this song because there is so much reality to it. It can be very relatable to people who know someone or have experienced this kind of lifestyle themselves.
Edward Scissor Tongue has a very vast vocabulary and writes the story in metaphorical ways e.g. “It was a year ago this very day that the intravenous sludge pumping had taken off at a wild speed”. Simply meaning Its been a year since Max