Essay about Judging by the Cover

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“Judging by the Cover,” is an essay written in 2003 by Bonny Gainley who is a consultant, speaker, and author. It originally appeared in an opinion column in a Colorado newspaper. Although non-discriminatory, she believes that people project messages about themselves with their appearance. This essay seems to be intended for recent graduates and young job seekers. The main point that she tries to explain to the reader is that even though our family and friends may accept us for who we are, employers may not.

Gainley does make some really good points when discussing why people need to be aware of how they look. She seems to be trying to talk about too many issues in such a short article and it becomes very confusing and
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During the whole article she makes it difficult to understand which side she is on, or if she even has a side. She then gives her opinion by stating how she does not have a problem with tattoos which takes away from the meaning she is trying to say. She was paid to hire someone that would make a good impression on her customers but by stating how she does not have a problem with them herself, she confuses the reader about her feelings regarding tattoos and piercings and the point that she is really trying to make.

Her essay is a little outdated. While her essay might have been really good advice in 2003, I think more companies are open to the idea of tattoos and piercings as long as it is not excessive. At the same time, I do agree with what she is trying to say. People should be allowed to dress and look however they want, but at the same time, companies have a job to hire someone who they don’t consider risky or someone who they think might not offend their customers. Before you go out and get that new tattoo, or that new body piercing, jobseekers need to be aware that companies are not going to change to accommodate you.

Time has a way of changing everything. What is acceptable now was not acceptable years ago. For example, in the 50’s, woman were not allowed to wear pants. Now, they have business suits out there just for women. So, over time, it may be okay to wear tattoos and piercings. When that time