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Ethan Reed
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24 March 2014
Illegal Immigration Into The United States
Illegal immigration into the United States is harmful to American workers and the
U.S. economy as increasing numbers of illegal immigrants are taking low wage jobs while, at the same time, legal U.S. citizens struggle to find employment and support their families; therefore, more attention and funding must be directed at the U.S. Border
Control in order to reduce the amount of immigrants crossing the border.
Immigration is when non­native people come to another country that they were not born in. Immigrants move to other countries looking to find family, to escape poverty and harsh government, and to change their surroundings. Illegal immigration is when immigrants come to another country without getting proper paperwork , such as a green card, to show that they are legally allowed to be in the United States. Without the right paperwork, illegal immigrants can then be deported.
According to the book
the history of immigration to the United States started in the 1600’s with the first settlers in the United States being European. These
Europeans were middle aged, coming to a new country looking for jobs, religious freedom, and family. This new settlement was known as the New World. As the New
World grew, more restrictions were put on immigration. Immigration created the New

World by bringing European ways of living such as foods, religions, tools, and culture
Because there is not a limit on how many immigrants come into the United
States, the country is becoming overcrowded, and this overcrowding is creating harm to the country. Part of this harm comes in the form of crime. In “Illegal Immigration:
Drugs, Gangs and Crime,” Jameson Taylor says, “
One of the clearest indicators the
United States has lost control of its southwest border is the ease with which thousands of tons of drugs and millions of illegal aliens are crossing the U.S. border on an annual basis . This open borders policy has opened the door to more than just cheap labor.
The presence of millions of undocumented persons in our country has provided a perfect cover for various forms of criminal activity, ranging from drug trafficking to prostitution to identity theft” (1). This is clearly an issue to the United States and needs to be resolved. What Taylor is stating is that United States is losing the battle against the South border. The border isn't strong enough to keep the immigrants out, and it is costing too much money to send them back over the border once they are found. With all of this immigration, there is a higher crime rate due to the unknown people that have come over illegally.
Jameson Taylor also goes on to state; “Not all illegal aliens are crossing into the
United States to find work. Law enforcement officials indicate that there are individuals coming across the border who are forced to leave their home countries because of criminal activities. These dangerous criminals are fleeing the law in other countries and

Reed,3 seeking refuge in the United States.” This means that the United States is allowing criminals in which will lead to the American