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Just Wait So many of our young children are having babies when they’re just babies themselves. Teenagers do not realize the consequences of bringing a life into this world. There are so many responsibilities and hardships to having a baby that our young people do not realize till it’s too late. Television and social media make having a baby look fun and easy, but in reality there is much more to it. They do not reveal the night time awakenings, crying, cleaning duties, and all the other difficult duties that come with having a baby. Sure babies are cute and lovable, but they are defiantly a responsibility for adulthood. Children’s small bodies are just not equipped to birth a child when they are that young. There body is not done growing and it is just not healthy to put your body through such trauma. Women’s hips are not spread and her body is not developed enough to birth a child. In 2011 329, 797 babies were born from children; live births in America have gone down 8 percent from 2010. Only 50 percent of teen moms finish high school, and 90 percent of teens under 16 years will not finish. Teen parents are also less likely to go to college which decreases their job rates and makes your income low. You cannot give your baby all you want to give when you’re not financially stable, it is more logic to wait and become stable before adding an extreme expense to your budget. Fathers of babies are less likely to be involved as a teen. Boys maturity level is much lower than girls, and they are not forced to stay and carry the baby like the girls. So not only do teen moms have to raise a child and take on a huge