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| GUTD Growth Plan |August 21 |
| |2011 |
|Give Us This Day Inc. (GUTD) is a 501 © 3 organization dedicated to finding individuals facing |“It is our calling and passion to help |
|adverse circumstances permanent employment and social assistance. |society’s forgotten.” |
| | |

Dear Dr. Smith:
We are submitting herewith our
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Durham Unemployment Insurance Claims & Benefits Paid was at $3,155,615 in March 2011. (Durham Workforce Labor Development Board, 2011)

The big picture is that unemployment affects almost every aspect of our community and an individual’s personal and family life. Give Us This Day believes we can enrich the community by reaching down and helping those that society and unemployment polls tend to forget face greater obstacles.

Unemployment is one of many factors that influence health. Other factors like housing, income and a lack of social support also have a huge impact on overall well-being. It's also easy to see how these factors are related. Unemployment can lead to a low income, which can lead to poor housing, which can change social networks, which can limit access to social supports, and so on. (Here to Help, 2010)

Durham Unemployment Numbers


Our findings and theories regarding employment are based on research and personal experiences dealing with our clients through Give Us This Day Programs.


Each client submits an application to become part of the program. They are then paired with a Career Coordinator to assess the training needs and determine the individualized program plan. Since GUTD works with such a variety of cases, each client is assessed and handled differently based on a wide range of factors. After training is