Keeping Up with the Jones Essay

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Keeping Up With the Jones’s Case Study

Directions: Complete Parts 1-6 of this case study. Submit Answers to the Following Questions:

Part I: 1. What two parameters are responsible for creating the movement (filtration and reabsorption) of fluid across the capillary wall? The hydrostatic pressure (or blood pressure) and osmotic pressure (water pressure) are responsible for balancing and creating the movement of fluid across the capillary wall. 2. Find a diagram of a capillary – copy/paste and cite the source. [pic] 3. Under normal circumstances, what components of the blood cross the capillary wall?
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I think the doctor will find that Suzie is very malnourished and has not been eating.

Part IV: 1. Is Suzie’s weight reasonable for her height? No, she is too small to be so tall. 2. Calculate the stroke volume of Suzie’s heart, and compare it to that of a normal individual. Her stroke volume is lower than the average individual. Suzie’s is 55 and the average is around 70-80. 3. Why do you think her blood pressure is lower than normal? Does low blood pressure explain any of Suzie’s signs and symptoms that you may have noticed? She is not getting enough nutrients to make red blood cells. Thus her blood pressure is low. This explains her fainting. 4. Why is Suzie’s hematocrit low, and why are her red blood cells pale and immature? Suzie’s hematocrit is low because she is anemic and not getting enough iron in her diet. This can also cause her RBCs to be pale and immature. 5. Compared with a normal, healthy person predict the level of the following in Suzie’s blood (higher, same, lower): sodium, potassium, calcium, glucose, iron, and protein. I would say all of these would be lower than she needs because she hasn’t been eating and she has been depleting all of these levels by running. 6. Do you wish to make any further speculation about Suzie’s condition at this time? She needs to start eating or she will start to