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Diane Ortiz
Period 2.
Kids Are Just Kids Should kids be tried as adults? This is a very controversial question that has not yet came to a solution. There are some people that could argue yes they should and I can see why they logic, however they should not be tried as adults. Kids cannot be tried as adults because they are not competent enough to understand a trial. They shouldn’t be tried as adults if they don’t have the same rights as adults, and also their reasoning is not fully developed. They are not adults. Children are not competent enough to understand a trial. They don’t realize how severe their crimes could be. Kids should be punished for their crimes, but it should be done in a developmentally appropriate way. Any parent would know that it makes little sense to punish a
10 year old the same as a 17- year old. A finding of the MacArthur Research Network was that young adolescents are not competent enough to be defendants. Young teens lack the skills to consult with their lawyers and shape trail strategy. It wouldn’t be fair for kids to be tried as adults but not have the same rights as adults. For example voting, driving, or buying alcohol. “Today we are witness to criminal defendants facing life sentences without parole- who cannot shave, still play with fire trucks and love to act out scenes from television or video games” (Lundstorm, 49) say Margie Lundstorm in the article
“Kids are Kids – Until They Commit Crimes” Kids can be rehabilitated much easier than full grown adults. Kids will not get the attention needed in a prison, they also won’t have the opportunity to get an education like regular kids and socialize with friends. They will practically miss out on their whole rest of their childhood. It has been proven that kids under 12 years old are