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Kids R Kids Company 1

Kids R Kids Company’s Organization
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Kids R Kids Company 2
In this paper you will learn about the Kids R Kids of Keller daily operational and financial issues. What it takes to run a success day care center while providing a description of the Kids R Kids of Keller’s organizations which include the basic legal environment, social environment, and economic environment.

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Kids R Kids Organization
Kids R Kids is a United States base franchise that supports independently owned company spreading over the US. The home base is in Duluth, Georgia under the umbrella of Kids ‘R’ Kids
International, Inc. The company sends a representative to travel to each school to ensure the quality assurance and education is within the Kids R Kids guidelines. The school that I work for and I will particularly be addressing is Kids R Kids of Keller #45.

The owners of Kids R Kids of Keller are Steve and Missy Brown. They started this school on January 1, 2006 with only five teachers and forty-six children ages ranging from 6 months to
5 year olds.

Basic Legal Environment
There are many laws and processes that you must comply to in order to run a daycare center. On a government level “the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity
Reconciliation Act requires states to spend no less than 4 percent of their CCDBG funds on
`quality-enhancing' activities. The federal government also requires states to certify that they have requirements to protect the health and safety' of children served by CCDBG providers.
States, however, are free to design the actual requirements that meet these aims.” (Clinton, 1997)
On the state level you must be licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective
Services (TDFPS) before actually opening up for business using commercial property.
According to the state laws before obtaining a license from the TDFPS Licensing Division Kids
R Kids had to be completely in compliance with these following standards:

Kids R Kids Company 4

Chapter of

Ages of Children

Possible Hours/Days of

Defining Characteristics

Chapter 743

Children Residing at a shelter, birth through 13 years

Any time of day, year-round.

Provides care exclusively to children residing at a shelter (such as a domestic violence or homeless shelter). Chapter 744
School Age

Pre-K through 6th

Before or after customary school day; may offer full-time summer care Provides care primarily before or after school day; may offer summer care. No infant/toddler care.

Chapter 744
Before or After

Pre-K through 6th

Before or after or before and after customary school day; may offer full-time care only on holidays/breaks Provides care exclusively before or after school. No infant/toddler care.
No summer care.

Chapter 746
Child Care

Birth through 13

Any time of day, year-round.

Provides care year-round. May offer infant/toddler care. May offer before or after-school care.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Minimum Requirements

Kids R Kids requires each member of staff to take the following certifications before being alone with the children:

Child Abuse Awareness

Infectious Disease Control

First Aid/CPR

Injury Prevention

Social Environment

Kids R Kids makes social environment a very important role in conducting their business.
By promoting the company on social media it gives the customers a further look inside of the business daily routines and upcoming events. It gives parents an opportunity to interact with their

Kids R Kids Company 5 children and staff. For example, every year Kids R Kids has an event called Cookies with Santa.
At this event the parents and local community bring their children to meet Santa, take pictures with Santa, enjoy cookies,