King Henry Viii Essay

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King Henry VIII
“Anger is like a full-hot horse, who being allowed his way, self-mettle tires him.”
(1.1.193) – Shakespeare

King Henry VIII was crowned in Ireland after the death of his brother, King Arthur, who died of a fatal illness. Henry VIII soon married his brother’s wife, Catherine of Aragon in 1509. He was a playboy, gluttonous, and greedy in his lifetime. The king’s desires were to build a powerful empire and the wooing of women. He was a tyrant and an ill-tempered man, whatever he desired he received immediately- if not, he’d find another way or take by force.

Henry VIII’s first wife, Queen Catherine, was true to her duty. She worked hard to please her husband and took responsibility of being queen, taking care of her people and of her country. She tried hard to produce the son that Henry deeply wanted as an heir. She gave birth to a son after many days of fast and prayer. Sadly, the boy died just a short while later. The only child to survive birth and live to adulthood was Queen Mary (Bloody Mary).

Anne Boleyn was a honor maid to Queen Catherine, but became the second wife of King Henry VIII after catching his eye. Henry VIII fell for Anne Boleyn, when she refused to bed with him; he became angry and sought for a way to divorce his wife, Queen Catherine. For a while his plot didn’t work as he intended.

Queen Catherine sought ways to please her king and even praised him for the victory of a war that she had fought for him. In the end however, King Henry VIII divorced Catherine and married Anne Boleyn. Later on Queen Catherine died of cancer in a drastically poor castle. This castle that she had been moved to was not well kept, mold and bacteria covered most of the walls inside, and this home had caused her health to become worse. When Henry VIII heard of her death, instead of mourning for her, he was overjoyed. This caused many citizens of England to be very angry with their king.

Each of the seven wives that King Henry VIII had wed,