King Jericho Essay

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Colliding Visions:
What is colliding visions? It is a series of books about one time period and about how a war affects 6 different people who somehow get tangled up in the web of life. It’s a futuristic dark-sided truth-full saga that captivates readers. The sad thing is the author doesn’t know where in the world to start…..
Main Characters:
Freya 20
Pearce Jay18
James 17
Cyrus 19- his father becomes leader of Aciera
Astrid 17
What’s Apollos motivation? My first theory: he claims he wants to co-own the land and rule it with the king of Oasis for the sake of his people are forced to live compacted and in mass pollution and who do not have enough food to eat.. But really he would eventually over power the king by population.
William Legacy: William Legacy is originally from Oasis. He worked as a loyal knight under the rulership of King Jericho. He and King Jericho grow up together and their fore had a strong relationship. One day King Jericho has a disagreement with the dictator of Aciera, Apollo. Aciera is in poor condition ( Aciera is very modern but they have mass polluted the area and they don’t have any living space.) Apollo has been asking the king to sell his kingdom , but knowing that’s a bad moves due to the fact that he would lose rulership, he declines the offer. Apollo decides to use force and starts sending Genecides to over take the land. Jericho knew this would happen and had underground Bunkers built for the men who would be staying to protect he land and had his knights escort all children and mothers to the neighboring country Speraggio. William was in charge of taking care of the kings son and daughter to help personally deliver them to speraggio. He delivers the girl to an older couple picked out by the king andqueen and the boy to a high congressman in the country. On his way back he notices that people were…